Nitrogen – CTF map for Quake III – Arena

Nitrogen is a “Capture the flag”-map for the game Quake III – Arena.
My part of the project was creating a soundtrack relevant for the design of the map, as well as the gameplay, meaning dark, heavy, and a bit stressful. It also recquired me to create sound effects according with the level design.
The map consists of two sides, red and blue. The only way travel between them is by using the trains. There are two trains, one on each side of the flag camps.
In order to launh a succesful attack the members of a team have to cooperate. A single person arriving with the train is not likely to have a great impact.

If you want to try it out for yourself you need a copy of Quake III – Arena.

1. Download
2. Extract the contents and place them into the Arena/baseq3/ directory.
3. Start Quake
4. In the console write:
/sv_pure 0
/devmap nitrogen_final

Level design by Ulf Sjöström.

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