Part 6

A simple NFT collection

Enough talking. I spent a week or two just reading, asking, consuming. I didn’t get me that far. I decided to start simple with images instead of audio. So here it is, my first NFT collection.

My initial plan was to use Loopring, you know… for… a certain stonk told me…

But Loopring is still in development. I got as far as “Mint NFT” and no matter how many times I approved in my Android app, nothing happened. I turned to Loopring’s Discord channel where I was quickly informed that it was a known bug.

So I took the easy way out. I hopped on over to Opensea. And boy, was it easy! Just a simple click and drag, no learning about CID, no creating metadata files, as simple as using your social media.

However, I’m sure it comes with a price in the end. I don’t think my files are stored directly on IPFS, so if Opensea ever crashes, my NFTs do to. At least that’s what I’ve read.

“Don’t quote me on that!”

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