Loopies PART 2

Just create anything!

I recorded five versions of the same guitar beat. It’s a simple loop with 2 chords, played in open D tuning, and I added a couple of AI drum tracks in Logic.

So now that I have 5 audio tracks to play around with, I can pretend that they are selected and played depending on an external factor.

Let’s say I press play on this website, for a song called Loopsong. You wouldn’t be able to select your track manually but would be given a version depending on:

  • If it’s Monday – play Loopsong 1
  • If it’s Tuesday – play Loopsong 2
  • If it’s Wednesday – play Loopsong 3
  • If it’s Thursday – play Loopsong 4
  • If it’s Friday – play Loopsong 5

Now what?

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