Loopies Part 1

Can I create and distribute dynamic music as NFT?

Where do I start? I’ll think this will have to be a mix of diary, ideas, to-do list, and instructions to myself. I’m going to make music. I’m not sure what.

I want to learn more about NFTs, but not about buying and collecting. I want to create something so I really understand the technology.

The only NFTs I currently know of are Loopring’s Loopheads.

They are dynamic and the background and character changes depending on the price or LRC, making 5 times 5 = 25 different versions in total.

I’d like to do something similar. I’ve asked around on Loopring’s Discord channel but I’m still not sure how advanced the tech behind the dynamic parts are, nor do I know how to distribute music on blockchain, if it’s even possible. I’ve read that one big problem with images as NFT’s are that they’re mostly too large to store directly on the chain, and are instead sold as links to storage elsewhere, meaning the content can be (and in many cases have been) altered or deleted.

I’ve got to start somewhere though…

I think I’ll create a short audio loop with guitar, something I can produce in a short time period, and make 5 variations to start with.

Toca Boca Band is a good example of how easy it could be portrayed. Each musican has three different audio loops depending on where on the stage they are placed.

If I can tie it to the same dynamics as Loopheads: perfect.

If I can’t: that’s fine too. I could figure out something simpler, such as reading the time of day in UNIX, or pick one of five at random, or… something that already has a finished answer for my question.

Now what?

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  1. Andreas Wieslander
    Andreas Wieslander says:

    I did a quick check on Loopring’s discord earlier and got this reply:

    “You could host the songs on ipfs which is common for nfts. The dynamic part of Loopheads is there is a smart contract that uses uniswap oracle’s to check the price and returns a metadata.json file for the token based on its token id”.

    I’m gonna post this here as my own comment to save for later, and will dig into how these things fit together.


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