Part 5

Brainstorming, but not really

* Record scratch *

* Freeze frame *

I know I said I was going to brainstorm ideas. I and tried. I really did. But I’ve got to get some of my worries out of the way. WHY are people buying NFTs in its current form? I get that it will be useful for things like stocks to prove your ownership of something.

But when the product itself is more attractive than the receipt, why are you paying for the receipt?

I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but I’ll pick two NFTs and try to find out as much as possible about them.

Crypto Freak

Unicorn Masters by David Sandberg


#171 Moody Brain by Loopring

Fun fact: David Sandberg is the creator of the movie Kung Fury.

Crypto Freak is listed on OpenSea. There is an option to embed the listing, but it keeps crashing my site, so I’ll skip it for now. Even though it’s embeded, it only shows a still image, not a looping GIF like the one you see on OpenSea.

OpeaSea has disabled the option to right-click on the image, but checking the page source you can see that it links to:

So it’s fairly easy to use the movie (or GIF) on your own site, you don’t even have to download it.

Loophead #171 is listed on OpenSea. This one is available for rightclick and save, meaning I’ll get a static PNG. I doesn’t do much, where as the NFT changes between 25 variants (5 x 5).

The question is where does this change originate? Is it on OpenSea, on IPFS where it’s stored, or somewhere else?

All the Loopheads have (at least the 100 first) the same Image Base URI: ipfs://QmXxmC9F3HZXd6e496VQLHRhPMFBW5bpcgT6hFzVfRtZF6 but different IDs.

Seeing how the image changes with time, it makes it impossible or unfeasible to download and use for anyone but the owner.

The current image address is set to

and I have to wait and see if it changes over time.


Why, why, why

I thought I’d start by checking in with a few people I know that own NFTs. My goal was simply to ask “why” they’ve purchased NFTs. I was hoping for a simple answer so I could reverse-engineer a solution, but it wasn’t that simple.

First of all, none wanted to be mentioned by name. Having a simple NFT doesn’t mean anything, but once you’ve purchased something of value, it could make you an economic target.

Secondly, I didn’t hear anything new. It’s simply the same as my generations card collecting, but more expensive (in some cases).


from a friend

I spoke with Guiseppe of We tought we’d give it a shot at brainstorming ides together, and while we a very productive call, the consensus were: we could not think of anything that’s unique to NFTs but not to traditional media. Meaning, while we had tons of audio ideas that would be fun to create, they were all applicable to existing solutions, and the NFT was simply another tool to get the job done.

– Where’s the uniqueness, and is it necessary?

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