In Real Game – PaRappa the Rapper

In Real Game is the name of my Bachelor Thesis. It’s a project about marketing games through live performances in order to focus on the games feel rather than its graphics and sfxs. This idea has been applied to the game PaRappa the Rapper to Playstation, resulting in a video documention of what Stage 4 – Cheap Cheap the Cooking Chicken would be like in real life. Enjoy!


My Bachelor’s Thesis (PDF)

I’d like to thank:

Lokal-TV Uddevalla, Kaj Palm, Robin Myrbäck, Pernilla Ludvigsson, Sofia Azam , Per Blomstrand, Mattias Persson, Kristin Petters, Annika Wieslander, Pelle Wieslander, Sanna Wieslander, Uddevalla Gymnasieskola, Studio Sinclair, Högskolan i Trollhättan/Uddevalla, Spacesuit Ballet Dancers and Masaya Matsuura.

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