We celebrated a birthday a while ago with the theme: Fortnite. We played battele royal and the birthday boy had requested pizza and candy.

I decided to try to make the pizza boxes from Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit, ’cause I was sure there would be some material online ready to just print and glue to a empty box.

I’ve yet to find anything though, so I made my own Illustrator template and thought I’d share it here.

I borrowed a screenshot from https://www.techgaming.it/fortnite-19-10-pinnacoli-pendenti-skin-mappa-sfide-tutte-le-novita/

First things first, the shape and colors looked rather easy to trace, but I didn’t want to copy the font line by line so I started guessing which font they used as a base.

I used whatthefont to look for a while, and I think Bazoo TOW NF might be close enough to get the job done, even though they only have capital letters.

Bazoo Tow NF

I wrote my text, outlined the stroke, rounded some corners and turned I into i. I traced the pizza base, added some dots and spent way to much time trying to get the moustache colors correct (still not happy) and here we are.

I’ve setup the Illustrator file as A4 in size so us Europeans can print straight to paper.