Part 7

Something, but music this time!


A few days ago I managed to upload my first NFTs: illustrations.

I thought I’d try with music this time, but I was feeling a bit indecisive continuing on OpenSea when my gut tells me to use Loopring in the future.

So I dug up an old track, probably one of the first things I recorded. It’s a rather melancholy version of the Super Mario World theme. It’s not sounding great, but I still like the idea. I have improved my playing the last 15 years, but it holds up resonably well. I loaded it into Logic and did a remaster with some compression, reverb, EQ, limiter and minor improvments.

Let me introduce: Blue Mario World.


OpenSea listing

After this, my focus will be:

  1. In what ways is the audio playable outside of OpenSeas website?
  2. Can the song be downloaded by everyone?
  3. Can the song be downloaded by the NFT owner in a simple manner?
  4. Why could I only mint 1 item of this NFT on OpenSea?
  5. Did it matter that I minted using Ethereum over Polyogon (blockchain)?
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