Bästa passet ever

För ett tag sedan så hoppade jag på ett träningsprogram på Garmin Coach för att försöka springa 21 km. Jag är nu inne på vecka 13/15. Jag satt och kikade på barfotalöpning där Tony Riddle tränar med Rich Roll – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zFvEBSTYx8. I teorin vet jag ju om hur det ska gå till, och tänkte att …


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Hilma e-book

I’ve helped author Ingegerd Johansson in turning her paperback book Hilma into an ebook. It is formatted for iPhone and Android and free to download here. To install it you right click the file, and save it to your hard drive. Open iTunes and click and drag the file into your library and then sync …

Hair Fashion for iPhone

The hair fashion app from Mirroronline is a unique gallery where the best hair trends and latest hair fashions are updated regularly on your iPhone. Mirroronline is Sweden’s biggest business magazine for hair stylists, and we’ve worked closely with Ari Koponen to create this app.   Buy Hair Fashion on iTunes App Store. [slideshow] [/slideshow]

Fylgia – a boardgame

Fylgia is a strategy board-game, developed by a team of 5, and later on produced in larger numbers by UF Gotlandsleken, and sold by retaliers such as BRIO, Bokia and Lekstugan. [slideshow] [/slideshow]